What is Neurolab-Lázaro?

Diagrama-enNeurolab – Lazaro project is an area designed to develop RESEARCH PROJECT focused on patients with neurological diseases, to make progress in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Techniques. All this will work along with Robotic Technology & Innovation, to improve the quality´s life of these patients. We will prioritise in projects which treat those diseases that are a social drama because of their disabling characteristics, such as:

  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

However, this place is also opened to treat any neurological disease as needed.

Neurolab has been created under the concept of Living-Lab, this is an Investigation method focused on patients that works under a real environment of testing. The investigation is transferred from laboratory to a living environment, where is possible to monitor how patients respond to innovations. Therefore, in this living laboratory of patients, Research Project and Validation Studies of different technologies will be developed to prove, validate, create prototypes and enhance complex devices for neurological patients, always applied to rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy.

How is it work? What are our goals?

Co-creación, Cooperación, Experimentación y EvaluaciónThe aim of this Living Lab is to join different users to cooperate and create new solutions focused on neurological patients, producing constantly new products of social innovation. Furthermore, patients opinion will be considered as they can give new ideas and participate in the final result.

From Neurolab and with advanced tele-physiotherapy techniques we can connect to patients who participate in different studies to improve their recovery.

The main goal of this Project is to contribute to transfer Robotics Technology to clinical practice The introduction of New Technologies is becoming a social and clinical need to increase the efficiency of therapeutic processes. Robotic is the study with robots and Science which has the most impact on the quality of neurological rehabilitation. The benefit of using different technologies and several devices will allow for establishing a personalised programme of training, suitable for each patient´s need.

In conclusion, Neurolab is a space of Research and Innovation, which is available to the Scientific community, technology companies, different organisation and the most importan ones, the patients.  We are opened to new collaborations, you can contact us through our contact email, contact form or social network.

How are we?

The team involved in this project is multidisciplinary, all the professionals have a large experience in the treatment of neurological disorders in each stage (stroke, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). In addition, these professionals have knowledge about the development of clinical trials, translational and basic research.

A specialised team composed of Neurologist, Neurological Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation professionals, Consultant Neurophysiologists, Nursing, Administration, Social Workers, Neuropsychologists and Research professionals.

The Team